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Swimming pool wiring is not to be taken lightly.  When you combine electricity and water you want to make sure the job is done right!  I work with several local pool companies and private customers installing and updating pool installations.  I use quality parts and carefully make and test each connection. 





Salt Systems

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I recently had a customer that was complaining of lights dimming every time they used microwave/vacuum/garbage disposal ect..

Found voltage was fluctuating wildly with no apparent issue at the panel box.  Everything looked 'normal', so suspecting an issue with the neutral I investigated the meter box.  It was visibly corroded on the outside, and was not sealed properly, so I figured the inside had to be in rough shape.  I arranged power shut off with National Grid for customer and when I opened the meter box this is what I found..!  When a meter box, or any electrical box is not installed properly outdoors it can lead to a dangerous situation for the occupants and the house.  The neutral wire, which in the picture is running up the middle, was corroded to the point of crumbling as it was removed and replaced.  Water made its way in from the connector on top and ran down the wires for many years.  Thankfully, this was fixed and the issue went away.  If you notice flickering/dimming lights do not hesitate to have a professional check it out!


Over the years your home gets updated quite a bit.  Sometimes by professionals, sometimes not...  In this case it was not.  Did it work?  Yes.  Was it safe? NO!  

When doing home renovations you mostly think about the final product.  The new stove or the new light above the dining table ect.. However, you need to consider what wont be seen after the project is done.  Is the box holding your light the right type to support the weight, or is the wiring going to it from the switch done properly and is secured so that it cant come loose to create arcing and sparking?

In this case a homeowner added a power garage door opener and an outside light by his garage.  As you can see the results were less than spectacular.  Extension cords are NOT to be used as permanent connections to fixtures or devices.  Even in a garage you want to minimize exposed wire cables.  In this case with a few dollars spent on the correct materials I was able to make this setup safer while also improving the overall aesthetics of the area.  If you were buying this house how would you prefer it to look, picture 1 or picture 2?  Inspectors and home buyers often see this and raise red flags.  What else has the homeowner "fixed" that I can't see... A job like this was completed for just over $100.  Call today for your Free Estimate! 

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